Tim Eriksen

Tim Eriksen's music is some of the most hair-raising in American old-time and alternative folk, with a decidedly Northern Roots twist.He also has many years and remarkable depth of experience in a kaleidoscope of musical styles including South Indian Classical, Bosnian/Balkan, Hardcore Punk, Sacred Harp, Experimental Electro-acoustic and Oromo Gospel. A few details:

  • main instruments include banjo, fiddle, guitar, and bajo sexto .
  • has sung/performed/consulted and written songs for films including Cold Mountain, Chrystal, and The Ladykillers.
  • has been a professor of music at Dartmouth, Amherst and Hampshire College and the University of Minnesota
  • was an early adviser in the creation of "MIM: the World's First Global Musical Instrument Museum"
  • sings Sacred Harp whenever possible (mostly tenor and treble)
  • started bands including Cordelia's Dad, Zabe i Babe, Northampton Harmony and Stands for Nothing
  • has worked, on stage and screen, in class or in the studio with folks including Sting, Jack White, Ralph Stanley, Elvis Costello, Alison Krauss, Nicole Kidman, Steve Reich, Yo Yo Ma, Steve Albini, Joe Boyd and T Bone Burnett
  • is a 19th century New England music scholar
  • is the American guy in the Rehoboth Oromo Choir
  • plays the Saraswati veena
  • is currently working on recording projects including a Cordelia's Dad live double CD, a Stands for Nothing re-release of old school hardcore, a symphonic piece, the Macedonian song "Zajdi, Zajdi" with Zlatne Uste Balkan Brass Band, electroacoustic noise/folk with composer Michael Theodore, New England ballads for voice and bajo sexto, and will also be teaching songwriting at Hampshire College and World Music at Dartmouth this Spring
  • is the only person to have appeared with both Doc Watson and Kurt Cobain and to have unintentionally cut himself on stage at both CBGB and the Academy Awards