Liz Janes

Liz Janes is an accidental artist and a late bloomer. While attempting to accomplish four typical academic years of college, she dropped out, went farming, and started drawing. Went back to school kept drawing. Started making noise with instruments while imbibing with friends. Secret love of singing. Quietly began composing songs she knew for sure she’d never share. Three chords on an old Sears guitar. Made loud loud noise with friends. Years later, friend says come over I’ll record you. Liz drops in on friend and records bedroom tunes, proceeds to Mexico. Realizing she’d rather be making babies with the Future Rapper, Liz returns home to good man, and a fully produced record of bedroom tunes. Liz says OK, friend puts out record. Liz dares herself to learn how to perform and try to sell the records. Years pass. Two more friends produce two more records with Liz. Friends say we’ll put out the records. Years pass. Liz is still slowly figuring out that recording songs is the thing she does. It may not better society, or make any money, but birds make nests, Liz makes songs. Her friends want to share them. What a gift. What good friends. Another record? She’s working on it….years pass. Etc.