All Things Bright and Beautiful

All Things Bright and Beautiful is essentially a solo project by Lee Bozeman. Bozeman has made music for a number of years as the singer of Luxury, who released two records, Amazing and Thank you and The Latest and The Greatest, on Tooth and Nail Records in 1995 and 1997 respectively. A third record, Luxury was released on Bulletproof Records in 1999. Following a tour-related wreck which resulted in 4 broken necks and a variety of other injuries, Luxury became less active, and in 2003 Bozeman recorded and released Love and Affection, his first record under the moniker All Things Bright and Beautiful on Northern Records. A final Luxury record entitled Health and Sport was also released by Northern in 2005. Bozeman’s extraordinary songwriting focuses, he says, “on the spiritual, the eschatological and sometimes the social element of life”. Love and Affection specifically dealt with the ideas of desire, salvation, lust, and the apocalypse, thematically. Though now a “solo artist”, Bozeman does his best work in collaboration with others where he sees himself as a director of the talents of others. In this digital age, he has begun to move away from the idea of thematic albums and turned more toward the release of singles. Beginning in the winter of 2008 All Things Bright and Beautiful will be releasing a series of couplets- two songs on a theme- through Northern Records.